When it comes to parents, we've got answers. As for kids,we're less interested in providing answers so much as making sure they are FREQUENTLY ASKING QUESTIONS!
What is Mada Btnua?
Mada Btnua is a series of 
science programs in which children investigate the physical world using a hands-on, inquiry-based approach.  

What do kids get out of participating in Mada Btnua science chugim and school-based programs?
Students in these programs learn in a dynamic, active environment and develop their ability to think and solve problems independently and creatively.

How do I sell this "dynamic and active problem-solving" business to my kids?  
As far as they know, they're just making slime, looking at bugs, and hooking up circuits. What they don’t know won’t hurt ‘em.

Do you need to be REALLY REALLY good at science to participate?  
Mada Btnua is appropriate for kids of all academic levels. One of the express goals of this program is to make experimental science accessible, exciting, and meaningful to everyone.

Who's running this thing, and what’s her background?  
Rebecca Perlin has been teaching science since 1998. Before working in education, she studied physical anthropology at the University of Pennsylvania. After spending a few years in the University Museum basement getting to know and analyze human skeletons (dusty, musty, and usually missing a bone or two), Rebecca decided to branch out to living and breathing humans, in particular, small impressionable ones. Rebecca went on to teach middle school and high school science at the Saint Ann's School in Brooklyn Heights and the Bronx Preparatory Charter School. She moved with her family to Israel in 2005 and has been teaching developing science enrichment programs ever since.

Ever wonder...
Which food yeast like best?

What happens to the weight of a piece of gum as you chew it?

How fast does a toy car travel down a ramp?

The real question is....how would you find out?